JK Associates (Business Reg. No. SA0226517-W) was founded on the 25th June 2012 as a business solutions and consultancy provider (Sole Proprietor Ownership) in the field of Protective Security Services.

The firm is a privately owned company based in Selangor, Malaysia with a primary focus on customized security consultancy services.

Principal Consultant

Mr. Khen Han Ming, Principal Consultant of JK Associates is a graduate in the field of Protective Security Management at the International Islamic University Malaysia where he received a Postgraduate Diploma (DPSM) and Master of Protective Security Management (MPSM) – specializing in the subject matter relating to Intelligence Based Investigation.

A Life Member of the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA), Khen brings with him a rich, substantial past and current experience specializing in the field of Law Enforcement, Aviation, Diplomatic and Government, Transport/ Cargo and Lodging/ Hotel Security Operations throughout his professional career.

Khen is currently based in Thailand and spends most of his time on research projects relating to global security issues, intelligence and terrorism.