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“STRATEGIZING SECURITY MANAGEMENT: From timeless classics to modern literature, this is the book that brings them all together”

ISBN-10: 1980673144

ISBN-13: 978-1980673149



‘Intelligence Based Investigation: Obstacles and Strategies Used in Law Enforcement Agencies’ – Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology, International Islamic University Malaysia, 2016



‘Expert warns of govt buildings prone to arson attack’ – Free Malaysia Today, 21st March 2018 (

‘Passenger profiling already SOP, says ex-aviation security man’ – Free Malaysia Today, 7th March 2018 (

‘US sex trafficking law could help Malaysians too’ – Free Malaysia Today, 03rd March 2018 (

‘Child sex trade: Cops told to act aggressively’ – Free Malaysia Today, 18th February 2018 (

‘Expert links child porn to sexual repression’ – Free Malaysia Today, 31st January 2018 (

‘Thailand no haven for M’sian scam artists, says security expert’ – Free Malaysia Today, 24th January 2018 (

‘US sees Malaysia as high-risk country, claims security expert’ – Free Malaysia Today, 19th January 2018 (


‘What is Pakistani doing as guard at age 69, asks security expert’ – Free Malaysia Today, 27th December 2017 (

‘Malaysia Confronts its Jihadis’ – Asia Sentinel, 1st December 2017 (

‘Why Mahathir still needs police protection’ – Free Malaysia Today, 3rd November 2017 (

‘We need to talk about radicalisation in prisons’ – Free Malaysia Today, 25th October 2017 (

‘Do we give in to terror or oppose it?’ – Malaysiakini, 23rd October 2017 (

‘Careful who you silence, says security expert’ – Free Malaysia Today, 10th October 2017 (

‘MRT vandalism: Lack of security could lead to terror threat’ – Free Malaysia Today, 31st July 2017 (

‘Prostitution a big problem in Malaysia, says ex-hotel security head’ – Free Malaysia Today, 22nd July 2017 (

‘Can police have religious tattoos, asks former police volunteer’ – Free Malaysia Today, 13th July 2017 (

‘When nudity pays… for ‘sextortion’ scammers online’ – Free Malaysia Today, 11th July 2017 (

‘Intensify monitoring of foreign students, says security expert’ – Free Malaysia Today, 28th June 2017 (

‘MCMC urged to block jihadist social media’ – Free Malaysia Today, 11th May 2017 (

‘Organised crime suspected in Penang scam’ – Free Malaysia Today, 25th April 2017 (

‘Video shows robbery suspects being assaulted’ – Free Malaysia Today, 4th April 2017 (

‘Expert calls for review of armoury procedures’ – Free Malaysia Today, 31st March 2017 (

‘Expert: Use tracking technology to prevent firearms theft’ – Free Malaysia Today, 31st March 2017 (


‘‘No size fits all in terrorism’ – Free Malaysia Today, 18th December 2016 (


‘Bella Confidential Episode 123: Spycams’ – Natseven TV Sdn. Bhd. (NTV7), June 2012 (



More should be done to curb ‘unintentional shootings’ – Free Malaysia Today, 14th December 2017 (

‘Focus on disengaging domestic far right extremism’ – Malaysiakini, 27th November 2017 (

‘You don’t fight terror by cancelling a beer fest’ – Free Malaysia Today, 24th September 2017 (

‘Community outreach programmes as missing links’ – Malaysiakini, 27th May 2017 (

‘High time MACC stepped in’ – New Straits Times, 9th February 2017 (

‘Corruption in security industry allows for terrorist infiltration’ – Free Malaysia Today, 6th February 2017 (


‘Be proactive in thwarting attacks’ – New Straits Times, 18th July 2016 (

‘A change of mindset is necessary to deal with terrorist threats’ – The Malay Mail, 14th July 2016 (

‘Complacency creates opportunities for criminals’ – The Star, 10th May 2016 (

‘Food industry players need to understand security concerns’ – The Sun Daily, 27th March 2016 (

‘UNHCR needs to review and revise its card issuance programme’ – The Malay Mail, 21st March 2016 (

‘Focus on Deradicalization’ – The Star, 10th March 2016 (

‘Safety and security of tourists in KL should not be an oversight’ – The Malay Mail, 21st February 2016 (

‘Securing public buildings against terror’ – The Star, 16th February 2016 (

‘Hotel security needs better awareness and risk assessment’ – The Malaysian Insider, 13th February 2016 (


‘We can prevent attacks’– The Star, 16th November 2015 (

‘Our responsibility to report suspicious activities’ – The Malay Mail, 14th November 2015 (


‘Urgent need for detention law’ – The Malay Mail, 30th July 2013


‘Crime: Mobile-trigger device a solution’ – New Straits Times, 23rd July 2012

‘Outsourced Visa Processing Services: You can’t trust third parties’ – New Straits Times, 22nd August 2012


Co-authored a series of articles in Jak Othman’s Martial Talk with Seni Beladiri Martial Arts magazine – Malaysia’s premier Martial Arts magazine (2005)

[Citizen Journalism – Citizen Journalists Malaysia]

‘INSIGHT: ‘Purple Shirts’, The Unsung Heroes of Bersih 5 Rally’ – Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 21st November 2016 (

‘Timeline: The Protest Which Brought Traffic to a Standstill in KL’ – Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 31st March 2016 (

‘Bikers Unite to Celebrate Diversity on Malaysia Day’ – Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 18th September 2015 (

‘Red Shirt Rally: Detailed Account of The Showdown in Chinatown’ – Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 17th September 2015

‘KL Security Professionals surprise needy kids with Raya Shopping Treats’ – Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 16th July 2015 (

‘Low Yat fiasco timeline’ – Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 14th July 2015 (

‘New group thrills crowd with festive jingles at Ramadan Night Bazaar’ – Citizen Journalist Malaysia, 10th July 2015 (